Can CBD Gum Be The Solution For Your Anxiety, Stress, And Depression Symptoms?

A lot of people would be very surprised to learn that over 18% of the population in the United States has what is considered to be an anxiety disorder. That adds up to 40 million people between 18 and 54 years old, a staggering sum. However, some researchers put the number much higher, nearly 30%, saying that most people with anxiety, stress, depression, or other type of disorder are undiagnosed and don’t seek help. The cost to the economy is estimated to be approximately $42 Billion dollars. Many of those seeking help are actually looking for relief from other illnesses with other symptoms when their real problem is stress or anxiety related.

Too Many People Taking Meds

The number of people taking medications for all types of illnesses in North America has reached 3.3 Billion filled prescriptions. If you do the math, that’s about 12 per person in the US. The number 7 and number 8 most prescribed drugs in the US are both for anxiety, Paxil and Zoloff, there are others as well.

Including alcohol, cocaine, and several other recreational drugs, many people take them to help control their anxiety too. Between all of the various drugs, both illegal and prescription, it seems like nearly everyone needs help with stress, anxiety, and other mental issues. But is there a better way?

Hemp Derived Oils Help With Anxiety Disorders

Since the doctors seem to like to prescribe expensive medications for almost any mental disorder, many people look for alternatives. It just so happens that hemp, industrial grade hemp, has some natural oils that appear to help lots of people with their mental health.

Of course, since hemp is the same species of plant that marijuana is made from, the first question is whether it gets you high or not. The fact is, only a few varieties of hemp, or cannabis, have been specifically bred to have high concentrations of the psychoactive ingredient, THC. The rest of the hemp varieties have no hallucinogenic properties at all.

In fact, the cannabidoil, or CBD oil, that has the anti-anxiety properties works best when not mixed with any THC at all. At the same time, even marijuana with high THC content, has less psychoactive properties when CBD is present. Regular industrial hemp, the kind that rope is made from, has far more CBD oil, and almost no THC oil at all, and is best for medical uses.

Are You A Candidate For Cannabidoil Products

OK, so how does the average person know if they are part of the huge number of undiagnosed stressed out, depressed people with anxiety? You could go to a doctor or psychologist and get diagnosed, but it seems like they are all too happy to prescribe the same medications that everyone else is taking. Here are some ways to see if you need more help.

Everyone feels stressed out at times, before a job interview, an exam in school, appearing before a judge, or even going on a big date. The real difference is that people with a stress disorder never come back down. They are in a constant cycle of never-ending anxiety, which makes it chronic. But would you just be exchanging your chronic stress for chronic drug use? Once you start taking anti-anxiety medications are you going to be able to quit, or is it a lifetime prescription?

Can CBD Oil Be The Solution For Your Anxiety?

There are several types of people that are looking for another solution beside prescription drugs. Some people have already been on the drugs and would like to quit them altogether. Others would like some relief, but don’t want to start taking expensive drugs with no end in sight. And finally, there are lots of people that the drugs don’t work for, and they’re still seeking a solution.

For most people, the best way to find out if CBD oil is going to work is to try some of the various products. There are CBD gummy bears, CBD chewing gum, timed release capsules, pure oil for exterior use, cookies, brownies, and even vaporizing oils. If you search online for CBD forums for anxiety, you’ll find thousand of people with similar situations and you can learn what they found to be the best help. Not every type of product works with every person. In general, the products like the CBD gum releases small amounts of oil into the system over a long period of time. Other products like the vaping oils go directly to the lungs and into the blood almost immediately.

After you understand how each product works in the body, you’ll have a better idea of what will work for you. You should try several and take note of the results. Then you can continue reading online to adjust your dose to what gives you the best relief from your symptoms. Since CBD oil is very safe, natural, non-addictive, and has very few side-effects, you can try several products with little worry.

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