Is CBD Gum For Pain Right For You?

Nearly every day that goes by, you’ll hear about another person that has died while overdosing to treat their pain. Millions of people worldwide suffer from various degrees of pain brought on by repetitive motion on the job, accidents, age, and other illnesses. Doctors have been prescribing opioids by the truckload to anyone that wants them, and now people are dying. There are, however, other solutions that don’t cause addictions, don’t build up resistance, and also don’t require a prescription.

What Is CBD Oil Anyway?

The acronym, CBD, is short for cannabidiol which is derived from the hemp plant, yes the plants that marijuana comes from too. There are a few very important differences though as you’ll see.

The hemp plant has been in use for thousands of years for various different products including rope, twine, oil, and even feed for cattle. Only a few of the varieties ever had enough THC to be hallucinogenic. The rest of the product grown was for industrial purposes for centuries.

Still today, there are millions of tons of hemp grown just for its industrial uses. Only a few varieties are grown specifically to get people high. In addition to that, the oil that causes the hallucinogenic properties works against the oil, CBD, that has a hundred other uses. So, in order to get the best use out of your CBD oil products, you’ll want an extremely low THC content in nearly every case.

How Is CBD Oil Made?

When people first hear about cannabidiol, they usually have a bunch of questions, and for good reason. Of course the first is, whether or not it is psychoactive like marijuana. Then the second is how does it actually do it’s job inside your body to kill the pain?

This might sound a little complicated, but really it’s not. From the pain sensors in your body, of which there are literally billions, there is a pathway going along nerves to your brain. Block the pathway and you don’t feel anything. There are several different problems with that, however.

If you block all of the nerve endings, you’ll be paralyzed until the effects wear off. No, you need to only block certain nerve channels that carry certain types of pain and let the others pass on through. That way you can still walk, talk, see, and feel hot, cold, taste, and other important functions.

What cannabidiol does is fill in just certain receptors and not others. As long as it stays there, certain types of pain, especially from joints and inflammation, are blocked. Taking more CBD, won’t usually help once the right receptors are blocked, there are no more readily available receptors until it starts to wear off. At that time, you can take more cannabidoil and see the effects continue. It’s that simple.

What Are The Best CBD Oil Products For My Pain?

There are now hundreds of different ways to take the CBD oil and get it into the right spot for the right amount of time, that’s the key you’re after. Some methods of taking the oil, such as vaping it, smoking it, or inhaling it from a vaporizer, will give quick relief but not long lasting results. That’s because anything entering the lungs goes straight into the bloodstream and straight to the pain receptors in high dosages. But, the body starts working at removal at that time as well.

Many people find that lower doses taken over longer periods of time work far better. Products like CBD chewing gum, exterior lotions, brownies or cookies, infused gummy bears, chocolates and time release capsules are quite popular.

How Do You Choose The Right Product?

One of the best ways to help you decide whether gummies or CBD gum is going to be the best product to start with, is by reading forums. There you’ll find regular people with some of the same pain as you that have tried different products and then they come back to report their results.

Another great way to find help online is to read the review section in many of the online CBD product suppliers websites. You’ll find lots of people that will honestly tell you one type of product didn’t help at all but another worked quite well. Read a lot of reviews and make your own decision, and try a couple of different products.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and are afraid to use what the doctors have prescribed, cannabidoil might just be for you. It’s very safe, has almost no side effects, and is non-addictive. Plus, many online

sellers will offer money back guarantees to their customers if a product doesn’t work for them. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

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